Braewick is a fund managed by Max Olson that invests in public companies and early-stage startups.

We look for businesses that are misunderstood or where we have an identifiable edge over other investors. Braewick invests small checks into early-stage startups that we believe can create a huge amount of value for the world and shareholders; particularly in areas that have a lot of leverage or are overlooked by others.

Braewick's primary goal is to grow our capital at high risk-adjusted rates. (With risk defined as the chance of permanent portfolio-wide loss.) Capital is allocated in a barbell-esque fashion: long-term public holdings, short-term bonds and special situations, and early-stage startups.

Startup Investments

All privetely-held businesses and outcomes. Updated 2024-01-28 .

Company Description Investment Status
Mashgin World's largest AI self-checkout company Pre-seed Series B
Biorender Adobe for biotech Seed Series A
Terraform Industries Gigascale hydrocarbon synthesis (air + water + sun → fuel) Seed Ongoing
OfOne AI for drive-thru restaurants Seed Ongoing
Pantheon Design Industrial 3D printers Seed Ongoing
Lightcell Energy High-efficiency light engines: fuel → electricity Pre-seed Ongoing
Ouros Cheap, super-high-density batteries Pre-seed Ongoing
Astro Mechanica Transonic propulsion system Pre-seed Seed
World's Fair Co. 21st Century World's Fair Pre-seed Ongoing
Electric Air Super-cheap heat pump installation Seed Ongoing
HyLight Hydrogen airships for infrastructure monitoring Seed Ongoing
Santé All-in-one POS for liquor stores Seed Ongoing
Trans Astronautica Corp. Satellite tugs & asteroid mining Seed Ongoing
Aethero Corp. AI edge computing in the (literal) clouds Pre-seed Ongoing
Ixora Generated 3D nature Seed Runoff
OutSail Autonomous wingsails for ships Seed Death
Late-stage secondary
Planet Labs Earth imaging satellites Secondary (Series B+) IPO, ongoing
Flexport Freight forwarding Secondary (Series D) Ongoing
Spotify Music streaming Secondary Exit @IPO
Ginkgo Bioworks Biotech foundry Secondary Exit @IPO
The Honest Company Consumer goods Secondary Exit @IPO
Airware Commercial drones Secondary Shutdown

Selection of long-term public holdings

Long-term holdings of 3+ years.
Past (selection)

Braewick Holdings LP is a family office and Delaware 3(c)(1) partnership. Max Capital Corporation is the general partner.

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