Braewick Holdings LP is a family office that invests in public companies and privetely-held startups.

We seek to buy businesses that are misunderstood or where we have an identifiable edge over other investors. Over the long run our goal is to grow capital at high risk-adjusted rates. (We define risk as the chance of permanent portfolio-wide loss.) Because we have a mix of publicly-traded securities that are marked to market daily and illiquid private companies that may be valued only once a decade, our returns will be lumpy.

Braewick is a Delaware 3(c)(1) partnership managed by Max Capital Corporation, a Registered Investment Advisor. Braewick's fee structure is designed to maximize "skin in the game": no management fees, incentives over a compounding high-water mark, reinvestment of all fees, and a majority of the manager's investable net-worth in the fund.

Selection of long-term holdings

All privetely-held businesses and outcomes. Updated 2022-02-01.
Late-stage secondary
Companies held consistently for over 3 years.


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